The Whole Beast - The Art of Whole Animal Cooking

Holly Fink

Holly’s title is everything from Office Maven to dish bitch! She has a background in animal welfare, so the humane way the farmers raise and finish the animals is a very important part for the business philosophy. She can be found answering emails, posting on Facebook, selling at festivals and talking about The Whole Beast whenever possible.

Noah Fink

Noah is the youngest member of our team. He has been the inspiration for John in his farm to table experience. After Noah was born, John decided to say no to daycare and took some time off to take care of him. Noah got to accompany John to all the farms that he was able to visit. This allowed a better entry point for John to the farmers. Noah knows exactly where his food comes from and can tell you all about his favorite cut- BACON!

Culinary Students

The Whole Beast is grateful for the volunteer help from the culinary schools around the Bay Area. They especially appreciate the assistance from the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. Chef Fink believes that on the job education is just as important as classroom education. It is for this reason he offers opportunities for students to volunteer with The Whole Beast at different events he does throughout the year.