The Whole Beast - The Art of Whole Animal Cooking


I have two specialty grills one large and one smaller, that were custom made by my brother-in-law’s father who is Cuban. They have designed these grills for their traditional Cuban pig roasts that we have at least once a year in a variety of locations across the country. They are composed of two grills that when you butterfly the pig you can sandwich the pig in between each grill and clamp them together. They then can spin on a frame 360° I build an oven to spec for the grills with cinder blocks and utilize local wood to cook the pigs.

I also have a Southern Pride mobile cooker that I can rotisserie up to 6 animals at a time. This works great especially if you do not have the space to build an oven I love to use this at festivals that I am involved with.

Cutting & Serving

Presentation is just as important to taste for The Whole Beast. We carve each animal on a handmade cutting board made with incredibly dense white maple from North Carolina. The board was designed and made by John’s father and local furniture makers from Western North Carolina, highlighting true beautiful craftsmanship that the area is known for. If you are interested in purchasing a custom board each one is custom handmade to your size and specification. Please contact us for further details.

Good cutting implements are extremely important to the finished product, from butchering to carving the final animal. Each knife and saw must be the correct tool and sharpness to create the perfect dish. John had accumulated his variety of knives through out the years from different contacts and connections, collecting them from Japan to China to the USA. He is in the process of getting his centerpiece knife from Kramer Knives, a custom knife maker in Oregon who hand forages his steal to create the perfect balance and strength.